The legend of DBZ 2


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A Agent Purple: see Murasaki. Androids: created by Dr. G They are #1 to #20 ( the same Dr.Gero as an android) and Cell. Androids #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #10, #11, #12: their features are unknown, they`ve been destroyed by Dr. Gero `cause he considered them just a flop. Android #8: one of Dr. Gero`s failures, in fact this android wasn`t mean and didn`t like to fight. Also known as Eightie, Eight-chan, Hacchan. Androids #13, #14, #15: they appear in Dragon Ball Z movie 7 "Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Super Saiya-jin", their task is to kill Goku. They can unite together to form a super android, Super #13. Android #16: his only aim is to kill Goku, he`s very powerful (more than #17 and #18) and has a neverending power, he loves nature and he`s a friend of #17 and #18. He got killed by Cell during the Cell Games. In his body was placed a very powerful bomb by Dr. Gero, but has been removed by Dr. Brief and Bulma. Android #17: android built on human basis, he`s #18`s brother. He didn`t obey Dr. Gero and killed him. He`s an everlasting power. In Dragon Ball GT he unites to his perfect half built in hell by Dr. Gero and Dr. Miuu, so becomes Super #17. In Trunks` future there is a #17 whose only tough is killing. Android #18: android built on human basis, she`s #17`s sister. She didn`t obey Dr. Gero and has an everlasting power. She marries Kuririn and it seems she thinks only to the money. In Trunks` future there is a #18 whose only tough is killing. Android #19: android who transformed Dr. Gero into an android. He doesn`t have an everlasting energy but must absorb it. Android #20: see Dr. G Akira Toriyama: Japanese mangaka who invented Dragon Ball. Akumaitokosen: (literally: "Akkumite Beam") a special beam used by Akkuman that hits the opponent`s heart and increases the ill inside it and causes the person to explode. Akkuman: he`s one of the five warriors summoned by the old Baba. B Babidi: (Badi-Dee) evil wizard, he`s Bibidi`s son. Baby: (Bebi) mutant created by the Tsufurus to destroy the Saiyans. He created dr. Myuu who powered him up for a while. Bakuhatsuha: special attack done with two fingers, it can destroy a wide area around the opponent. It`s used by Nappa and Vegeta. Bakurikimaha: very powerful attack by Piccolo Daimao: a very powerful beam flows from his hand. Bardock: (Bardack) he`s Goku`s father. As strong and courageous Saiyan warrior (in the Special #1- Bardock - The father of Goku), when he figures out that Freeza wants to destroy Planet Vegeta and all its habitants, does his best to contrast the enemy... he`ll die together his planet. Barrier: this technique uses some energy to generate a barrier around the user, in order to have a defense around energy attacks. It`s used by Freeza, #17, Cell, Vegeta, Vegeth. Bibid: (Bibi-Dee) evil wizard creator of Majin Buu. Big Bang Attack: Vegeta`s special attack... the Saiyan stretches his arm out, powers up and from the palm of his hand a very powerful beam flows out. It`s a very destructive power. Big Bang Kamehameha: attack used by SSJ4 Gogeta (SSJ4 Goku + SSJ4 Vegeta) in DBGT against Li Shenron, it`s the sum of Vegeta`s Big Bang Attack and Goku`s Kamehameha. Big Ghetti Star: see Giant Ghetti Star. Blue: General of the Red Ribbon Army. He has psychical capabilities. Blue`s Psychic Ability: General Blue`s psychic capability who, by staring at his opponent, shoots at him a paralysing beam. He can also move objects. Body Change: Ginyu`s special attack. He can change his body with his opponent`s one. Bora: Upa`s father killed by TaoBaiBai. He was resurrected thanks to the Dragon Balls. Borjack: (Bojack) the strong warrior of DBZ movie #9 who was killed by Gohan as Super Saiyan II. Briefs: Bulma`s family. See Bulma Briefs, Dr. Briefs, Mrs. Briefs Bra: Vegeta and Bulma`s daughter. Brolli: (Brolly) considered the legendary Super Saiyan in DBZ movies #8 and #10, he comes back in DBZ movie #11 as a clone, Bio-Brolli Bukujutsu: It`s the capability to fly by using the Ki energy. Initially it was used only by Tenshinhan, Jiaozi and Tsuru-sennin`s pupils then almost every major character has this talent, but Yajirobay, Muten and Mr. Satan. Bulma: (Buruma) Bulma Briefs, expert inventor for Capsule Corporation, responsible for the invention of the Dragon Radar She`s Vegeta`s wife. Bunkai Teleportation: (Instantaneous Movement) technique of teleport, used by Janenba in movie 12, that consists in moving by disintegrating his own body in many cubes that will instantaneously reunite in another place. Burning Attack: Future Trunks` special attack... the Saiyan stretches his hands towards the sky, moves them to the front and a quite powerful energy beam flows from them. Burter: (Baata) one of the members of Ginyu`s Force. He believes he is the fastest warrior in the universe but Goku, after training at 100 g., was superior. C Capsule Corporation: It`s where Bulma and her family live. It`s also the company that manufactures the Hoi Poi Capsules. Capsule Hoi Poi: It is a small capsule that is very lightweight. When the top of the capsule is depressed, and the capsule thrown, it will explode into a structure or vehicle. Cell: android created by Dr. Gero, is made with the cells of all the strongest warriors (Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Kuririn, Nappa, Freeza, King Cold, etc etc). He can even use their special techniques. Cell Juniors: the seven children created by Cell to attack the Z warriors so as to get Gohan angry. Chaozu: see Jiaozi. Chapa: (King Chapa) one of the contender in the 21st Tenkaichi, defeated by Goku. He is the first user of the Hasshuken technique (8 hands attack). Chichi: Son Goku`s wife. Chobakuretsumaha: ("Genkiretskudan" in the DBZ videogames) Piccolo`s energy attack... from his hands flows an energy beam very powerful. Chonoryoku: Jiaozi`s special technique... by stretching his arms with his hands open, he immobilizes his opponent with a stomachache. Conuts: planet where Tapion, the hero of DBZ movie #13, was born. Cooler: (Coola) Freeza`s brother. The villan in DBZ movie #5, since he hears that a Saiyan killed his brother, comes to Earth with his enchmen to find and defeat him. Even if he`s most powerful than Freezer and has a 4th transformation, he`s defeated by the Super Saiyan Goku. See also Metal Cooler. Commander Red: see Red. Crasher Ball: Spiritual energy ball, it`s the special technique of Jeeth of the Ginyu`s Force Cyborg: see "Androids". Cymbol: henchman and second child of Piccolo Daimao. He was killed and eaten by Yajirobe. D Dabura: Lord of the Underworld, his fighting power is like Cell`s one. He`s under Babidi`s control. Daichiretsuzan: Freeza`s very powerful attack. He can shot a very fast beam at his opponent who can`t even realize he has been hit. Dai Kaioh: (Dai Kaiohsama) the head of all the Kaiohs, probably the strongest in afterlife. Dai Kaiohshin: he was the god of goods. Was absorbed by Buu which resulted in Fat Buu (Mr. Buu) Death Ball: a small energy ball created by Freeza (and his brother Cooler) with just a finger. It`s so powerful to destroy an entire planet. Dende: Kami on Earth. Dodonpa: one of the best technique of Tsuru-sennin`s school. From a finger flows an energy beam with a very large head. It`s used by Taobaibai, Tsuru-sennin, Tenshinhan and Jiaozi. Dodoria: one of Freeza`s henchmen. He was killed by Vegeta. Dol Takki: Luud`s messenger. Don Kir: Tyrant of planet Imecka. He` s protected by Lezik, Sheila and Gail. Doore: one of Cooler` s henchmen in DBZ movie #5, killed by Piccolo. Double Tsuihikidan: this attack was used by Kuririn during the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament... he shoots a kind of kamehameha from each hand and control them as he likes. Dr. Briefs: Bulma`s father and Capsule Corporation`s leader. Dr. Gero: (Dr. Gelo) the scientist of the Red Ribbon army, creator of androids. He can control them by a remote controller. He turns android too with #19`s help. Dr. Kochin: scientist, Dr. Wheelo`s assistant. He destroys the icy jail where Dr. Wheelo has been imprisoned for many years. Dr. Miuu: mutant scientist created by Baby in order to power himself up and to create other mutants. Dr. Wheelo: scientist, in DBZ movie #2 he has been imprisoned for many years in an icy jail. Helped by his assistant Dr. Kochin, he should like to come back to live in the body of the the world`s strongest man. Dragon Ball: generic name of the serial created by Akira Toriyama. In TV "Dragon Ball" indicates the first serial (from the meeting between Goku and Bulma to the end of the tournament with the fight between Goku and Piccolo), while in the manga it indicates all the story `till the end of the anime Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Balls: there are 3 different kinds... The 7 original balls of Namek, big, orange, numbered from one to seven, they depends from the Great Elder of Namek. Every chieftain owns a ball. When they`re collected, Dragon Polunga can be summoned (see "Polunga"). Once the three wishes are granted the balls turn stones for a Namek year (about 130 days on Earth). The 7 balls of Kami-Sama (then passed to Dende) are orange, numbered from one to seven, but they`re smaller than the ones of Namek. When they`re collected, Dragon Shenron, can be summoned. It`s a green dragon that can grant first just one, then (thanks to Dende) two wishes (In DBGT it grants three wishes). Once the wishes are expressed, the balls turn stones for a year and disperse all over the Earth. In Dragon Ball GT they become blue with black stars and have some cracks because of all the expressed wishes. They summon an evil dragon (see "Shenron"). The 7 balls the Namek escaped to disaster on Planet Namek (the Kami before Dende) created before he split into Kami-Sama and Piccolo Daimao. They are red with black stars. They are preserved in Kami`s Palace and they summon a dragon like Shenron, but bigger and red. Once the only wish is granted the balls disperse throughout the Universe. If they are not collected and take to the planet they`ve been used within the year, the planet explodes. Dragon Ball AF: name of the fourth presumed (and by now legendary) serial of Dragon Ball. By now each one has his own story for it. "AF" could stand for "Another Future" but it`s actually more than sure it stands for "April Fish". Dragon Ball GT: name of the third and last (maybe) serial Dragon Ball, it was done only for TV. Someone says that "GT" stands for "Grand Tour", in reason of the long voyage through the universe, while someone else believes it stands for "Goku Trunks". Dragon Ball Z: name of the second serial of Dragon Ball in TV (from the arrival of the Saiyans to the tournament when Goku decides to leave with Ub). "Z" had to be a "2", but it was misunderstood so it becomes a "Z". Dynamite Kick: Mr. Satan`s special kick, used also by Gotenks, completely useless. E Eight-chan, Eighter: see Android #8. Enemy Transformation: Majin Buu`s favourite attack. With a beam shot from the proboscis he has on his head, he turns his opponents in something he can eat: chocolates, candies... Energy Kyush: #19 and #20`s technique for absorbing energy by two devices placed on their hands. Eraser Cannon: energy beam shot from Rikoom`s mouth (Ginyu`s Force). Eye Beam: energy beam shot from the eyes. This is a Piccolo, Freeza and #20`s ability. F Final Flash: It`s Vegeta`s most powerful attack who concentrates all his energy as he widens his arms. Then he stretches forward the palm of his hands and shoots a deadly beam. Final Shine Attack:It`s Vegeta`s new powerful hit in DBGT: he forms a blinding energy ball in his hand and he hurls it at his opponent causing an huge explosion with a blinding light. Vegeta uses it during the battle against Super17 even if it will be absolutely useless. Freeza: (Freezer, Furiza) one of the villans in DBZ, probably the most important. He destroyed the Saiya-jin race and also killed Goku and Vegeta`s fathers. He goes to NameK in search of the dragonballs `cause he should like to use them to gain the immortality. He appears in DBZ movie #12 where is killed by Gohan Great Saiyaman. See also Metal Freezer. Freeza`s Beam: It`s one of the many attacks of Freeza: it`s an energy beam very similar to Dodon-pa that it`s shot from a finger. It has the peculiarity to do not explode in the impact but to pierce his target (Freeza uses it also to kill Vegeta). It`s been used also by Cell during the Cell Game against Gohan. Fusenko: Kuririn`s technique used during the 22nd Tenkaichi tournament... while in the air Kuririn swells his body slowing down his falling. Fusion: technique used to fuse two person, who must have the same strength and perform the fusion dance (Metamoru) with identical movements while saying the word "Fusion", into a new extraordinary and very powerful warrior. The fusion lasts only 30 minutes before the two split again. It`s used by Goku and Vegeta to form Gogeta and by Goten and trunks to from Gotenks. See also "Potara Fusion". Future Trunks: the Trunks who lives in a time dimension devastated by #17 and #18. G Galactic Doughnut: Gotenks` attack used to trap his opponent inside a ring that can be sized by a movement of Gotenks` arms. It`ll be modified by Gotenks Super Saiyan III in "Renzoku Super Doughnut". Galick-Ho: (also "Garric Cannon") Vegeta`s attack similar to Kamehameha that Vegeta hurls from the palms of his hands. Garrik Cannon: see "Galick-Ho". Gekitotsu (Ultra) Buu Buu Volleyball: this special attack was used just once by Gotenks and Piccolo. After they trapped Majin Buu inside a Renzoku Super Doughnut, Gotenks and Piccolo play volleyball with a ball that can destroy Earth. Genkidama: this technique was taught by King Kaioh to Goku (it`s is most powerful attack). By borrowing energy from all living things Goku can create a devastating ball of energy that obliterates anything with an "evil" Ki. General Blue: see Blue Giant Ghetti Star: (Big Ghetti Star) a robot-planet equipped with an high technology able to rebuild Cooler`s body as a metal cyborg in DBZ movie 6. Gill: nickname given by Goku, Pan and Trunks to the robot DB4649T200GRS from M-2. It`s their friend and will help them many times. Ginyu`s Team: Freeza`s special command: formed by Ginyu (the captain), Rikoom, Burter, Jiisu and Guldo. Gogeta: Fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Gohan, Son: Son Goku`s first-born son. Goku, Son: protagonist of Dragon Ball. Goku Jr.: Pan`s nephew, appears in the last episode of DBGT. Goku jr. is the protagonist of the special "Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Agashi wa Suushinchuu!" Goten, Son: Goku`s second-born son. Gotenks: Fusion of Goten and Trunks. Gotenks`s Ultra Kicks, Punches, Headbutts, etc...: Gotenks` attacks. A serial of punches and kicks to which Gotenks gave a name: "Rolling Thunder Punch", "Inoshishi Attack", "Power Tackle", "Great Kick Special", "Magnum Sundae", "Ultra Missile Parfait", "Hyper Plasma Shortcake", "Dinamite Kick", "Miracle Super Punch". Guldo: The weakest member of Ginyu`s Team. Guruguru Gun: attack used by Jiran during the 21st Tenkaichi tournament... it`s akind of chewing gum that can trap the enemy. H Hacchan: see "Android #8". Haikyuken: technique used by Ten Shin Han against Goku during the 22nd Tenkaichi tournament... Ten Shin Han uses his opponents ad a ball. Hankokubikkurisho: very powerful attack used by Jackie Chun (Muten) during the 21st Tenkaichi tournament: it`s an electric beam shot from the palms of his hands. Haretsu no Maho: Babidi`s beam to make explode weak people. Hasshuken: similar to Shiyoken of Ten Shin Han, it`s a technique that, by the very fast movements of one`s hand, makes someone to seem having more hands. Used by Goku and King Chapa (Chapa-oo). Hell`s Flash: C 16`s ki attack. Henka Beam: Majin Buu`s special attack. It`s beam shot from his antenna. It turns a target into some sort of food item (candy, chocolates...). Hoi Poi Capsule: see Capsule Hoi Poi. Honoo: Dabura`s fire attack. I Imegga: merchants` planet ruled by Don Kir. Instantaneous Movement: see Bunkai Teleportation. J Jan Ken: technique invented by Old Son Gohan that comes from an ancient Japanese game: Jan ken pon, ("paper, scissors and rock"). Goku uses three different version of this technique: Jan Ken Gu: "rock", a punch; Jan Ken Chok: "scissors" (he put his finger in his opponent`s eyes); Jan Ken Pa: "paper", a slap. Jiaozi: Tsuru-sennin`s pupil and Tenshinhan`s friend. Jeeth (Jeice): one of the members of Ginyu`s Force. Jin: Japanese term that means, when join to another word, "he who is" (literally): it`s used to indicate the place of origin of a person. Like: chikyuujin = he who is from Earth (Earthling); Saiya-jin = he who is Saiya (Saiyan). Jinruizetsumetsukogeki: attack used by Majin Buu to massacre all the people on Earth. It`s composed by many beams that first rise towards the air and then fall hitting everyone they find. Jiran: one of the challengers for the 21st Tenkaichi tournament. K Kaiohshin: Kami of Kings Kaioh. There were five of them, North Kaioshin, South Kaioshin, West Kaioshin, East Kaioshin and the god of gods, Dai Kaiohshin. There is also a sixth one: the old Kaiohshin who comes out from the Z-sword and he is the predecessor (of 15 generations) of Kaiohshin (the East one). Kaioh Ken: Devised by the North Kaioh (who cannot even perform it himself) and taught to Goku, the Kaio-ken is a powering technique that enables a person to move faster and hit harder. The technique must be used sparingly however, as the more it is used the more the body of caster becomes damaged. Kakusandan: energy beam used by Kuririn in the fight against Nappa and Vegeta (it`s a new version of the beam used by Kuririn against Piccolo during the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament); this attack is hurled towards the sky and falls on the enemy head. Kakusanyudokodan: Piccolo`s attack similar to Kakusandan, but the beams Piccolo makes fall around his enemy are different. Kamehameha: Devised by Muten Roshi, the KameHameHa is an energy beam that is expelled through one`s hands. Hand position is generally in the shape of an open clam. The direction of the blast can be controlled in mid-air, and combined with other techniques becomes quite devastating. It`s used by Muten Roshi, Son Goku, Old Son Gohan, Yamcha, Kuririn, Ten Shin Han, Gohan, Cell, Cell Juniors, Son Goten (Kamekameha) and Majin Buu. Kami-Sama: Kami on Earth. Karin: the guardian of the homonymous sanctuary. Kamekameha: Goten`s pronounce for Kamehameha. KI: spiritual or inner energy. Kibith: Kaiohshin`s assistant. Kibito: fusion between Kaiohshin and Kibith. Ki Blast: simple energy ball expelled through one`s hands. Almost all the Z warriors (but Mr. Satan and Yajirobay) can do it. Kiai: the scream during the attacks. Kienzan: A flat, circular plane of energy, often used in DBZ. Devised by Kuririn, it`s used also by Vegeta, Freeza, Cell, C 18 and Goku. Kikoho: technique of Tsuru-sennin`s school, it`s used by Ten Shin Han. It is performed by shaping one`s hands into a triangle. It sacrifices the life force of who is casting it in order to boost the attack`s strength. Ten Shin Han will power it up and will call it Shinkikoho. It`s used also by Cell and Cell Juniors. King Cold: Freeza and Cooler`s father. He comes to Earth with Metal Cooler and is killed by Future Trunks. King Kaioh: He`s the ruler of a Galaxy. There are five of them: North Kaioh, South Kaioh, East Kaioh, West Kaioh and Dai Kaio. They obey to the Kaiohshins. Ki no Tsurugi: energy beam that can pass or cut anything placed at a established distance. Kintoun: the magical cloud given to Goku by Mutenroshi and given to Mutenroshi by Karin. Only who has a pure heart can travel on Kintoun. Koola: see Cooler (Coola). Kuririn:Goku`s best friend and Muten`s pupil, he`s considered the most powerful human on Earth Kyodaika: Piccolo`s technique in the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament to increase muscles, strength and power, but also the possibility to be hit. Kyoken: attack used by Goku, who, as a crazy dog, jumps from a place to another for then hitting his opponents from behind. L Lezik: (in Jap: "Reddick") Don Kir`s bodyguard. Lilde: (in Jap: "Rirudo") mutant machine, general of planet M-2. He has the capability of controlling the metal as he likes, turning anything into metal and uniting to it. Luud: (in Jap: "Ruudo") giant robot created by Dr. Miuu. M M-2: planet of mutant machines. Ma: demon. Mafuba: Mutaito San`s attack to trap any demoniac enemy, in this case Piccolo Daimao , inside a container. Also used by Muten Roshi, Ten Shin Han and Kami-Sama. Majin: devil. Majin Bu: Bibidi`s evil creature. Majin Vegeta: Evil Vegeta, controlled by Babidi. Maju Yakon: monster of the second level in Babidi`s ship. He can eat any kind of visible energy. He`s from the planet of darkness. He`s defeated by Goku. Makankosappo: Piccolo`s special attack: a highly condensed beam of energy. It is cast by putting ones first two fingers on the forehead but takes a few minutes to charge to a reasonable strength. Also used by Cell, Cell Juniors and Majin Buu. Makosen: Piccolo Daimao`s attack. Consisted in energy beams hurled one after another by one`s hands. It`s not very powerful but it almost killed Goku once. Masenko: Gohan`s version of the Kamehameha with the only difference that it is charged above the head. Used also by Future Trunks. Metal Cooler: (Metal Coola) 2nd Cooler`s aspect as a metal cyborg in DBZ movie # 6. He tells his body was rebuilt by the high technology of the Giant Ghetti Star and comes to the New Planet Namek where enslaves, with his robots, the entire Namekseijin race. After it seems Metal Cooler is defeated by the two Super Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, from the Ghetti Star hundreds of Metal Cooler`s clones suddenly begin to arrive. But at the end, the Giant Ghetti Star and all the Metal Cooler`s robots are defeated by Goku with Vegeta`s help. Metal Freezer: (Metal Freeza) this is Freezer`s aspect when, after being defeated by the Super Saiyan Goku, he is rebuilt by his father`s scientists. As a metal cyborg he comes to Earth, with his father King Cold, in order to destroy it and kill Goku, but he`ll be eliminated by Future Trunks with his sword. Mr. Popo: Kami-sama`s servant. Mr. Satan: winner of the 24th Tenkaichi tournament, people believe he defeated Cell and Majin Buu. He`s Videl`s father. Mrs. Briefs: Bulma`s mother and Dr. Briefs` wife. Murasaki: (Agent Purple) a ninja warrior, Master of Martial Arts, defeated in muscle tower by Goku. Muscle Tower: military base of Red Ribbon Army. Muten: master of martial arts. He lives in the Kame-house. Mystic Attack: Nameks` capability to stretch their arms. N Namek: planet where Piccolo and Dende come from. Here were created the first Dragon Balls. Namu: A tough competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. Nyoi Bo: Goku`s extending cane. When Goku commands his cane, it can extend to virtually any length (it`s maximal length is 380`000 Km). It is very useful for attacks and rescues, but its purpose is to unite Karin`s Sanctuary to Kami`s Palace. O Ohzaru: Saiyans can turn Ozharus when they look at a full moon. Their strength and power have a huge increasing, but all depends from the tai: if a Saiyan doesn`t have his tail anymore the transformation can`t take place. Ohzaru Gold: similar to Ohzaru... but is golden! His the level before the Super Saiyan IV. Olong: a little big who can turn anything he likes. P Pan: Gohan and Videl`s daughter, niece of Goku and Mr. Satan. Papparapa: magic word used by Babidi to teleport people in any place. Para Bara: the three brothers: Para, Bombara and Danbara. They have the power to make people dance and telepathically talk. Piccolo: evil half of Kami-Sama; during the Cell saga, the two half (Piccolo and Kami) reunite. Pilaf: he`s only will is to own the Dragon Balls and become the King of the World. He has two helper, Shou and Mai. Polunga: the dragon of Namek. Potara Fusion: fusion possible thanks to the Potara earrings of Kaiohshins; the Potara must be wear one for person, one on the left and one on the right. This kind of fusion should be forever. Technique used by Kaioshin and Kibith (Kibito) and by Son Goku and Vegeta (Vegeth). Pual: flying cat friend of Yamcha. Puipui: first opponent inside Babidi`s ship. He`s from Planet Zump where the gravity is 10 times the one on Earth. R Red: (Commander Red) the leader of Red Ribbon Army; he secretely wanted the Dragon Balls to wish to become taller. Red Ribbon Army: criminal organization defeated by Goku. Renzoku Energy Dan: several energy beams hurled from one`s hands. Often used by Vegeta, but also by Son Goku, Son Gohan and Piccolo. Renzoku Shime Shime Missile: Gotenks` attack similar to Renzoku Energy Dan, but much more powerful. Rikoom: one of the members of Ginyu`s Team. Rikoom Kick: one of Rikoom`s attack. Rikoom Mahha Attack: one of Rikoom`s attack. Rogafufuken: Yamcha`s special attack, then improved into Shin Rogafufuken. Rolling attack: Mr. Satan`s attack, it`s a somersault towards the opponent. S Saiko no Kogeki:energy beam that Nappa hurls from his mouth. Saimin no Jutsu: Muten Roshi`s technique to hypnotize (used on Bogeyman during the 22nd Tenkaichi tournament). Saiya-jin: Saiyan in Japanese. See "Saiyan" and "Jin". Saiyan: Planet Vegeta`s population, it`s a warrior race. Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: Mr. Satan`s punch that he believes very powerful, but it`s not. He even forgets its name. Satan Miracle Beautiful Super Bari Bari Punch: Mr. Satan`s punch that he believes very powerful, but it`s not. He even forgets its name (the original name is Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch). Satan Punch: one of Mr. Satan`s techniques. Sekikatsuba: deadly substance that Dabura spits out of his mouth and that turns the target into stone. The process reverses if Dabura is killed. Shenron: the Earthling dragon. In DBGT he`s black and splits into seven evil dragons... Ishinlon: born from the 1 Star Dragon Ball; the most powerful of the Evil Shenrons and can fuses with all seven of the Dragon Balls to get the powers of all the other evil dragons. Ryanshilon: born from the 2 Star Dragon Ball when Pora, Upa`s father, was wished back from the dead... it`s associated with water pollution. Sanshinlon: born from the 3 Star Dragon Ball, associated with ice and freezing. It`s Suu Shenron`s brother. Sushinlon: born from the 4 Star Dragon Ball, associated with sun and fire. It was created when Piccolo-Daimao wished for his full power to be restored. It`s San Shenron`s good brother. Ushinlon: born from the 5 Star Dragon Ball,associated with electricity. It was created by the wish to made Goku to revive for the fight with Vegeta and Nappa. Ryushinlon: born from the 6 Star Dragon Ball,associated with hurricanes and storms. It was created when Oolong makes his ambitious wish for a pair of girl`s panties; at first it looks like Princess Oto, but its real look is much different. Chishinlon: born from the 7 Star Dragon Ball, associated with no particular elements, but he can take possession of other bodies. It looks like a two tailed mole. It was created by the wish to made all the people killed by Majin Vegeta to revive. Red Shernon... it`s summoned with the red balls with black. They vanish when Piccolo dies `cause of Earth explosion. Shintsuru Senryu Taiyo Ken: complete name of Taiyoken, one of Tsuru-sennin`s techniques. It generates a tremendous amount of light, temporarily blinding any nearby enemies. At first it was used by Ten Shin Han, then many of the Z warriors learn this trick. Shiyoken: Ten Shin Han`s technique used during the 22nd Tenkaichi tournament. It generates two more arms from the back. Shogekiha: energy beam shot from the eyes (but Piccolo hurls them from any part of his body). This is a Piccolo, Freeza and #20`s capability. Shunkanido: the ability to move from one location to another without the passage of time. This particular technique requires a person to lock on to. Invented by the inhabitants of Yardrat, it`s used by Son Goku and Cell. Sigma Team: special commando of M-2 formed by 3 robots that can unite and form the Super Sigma Mega Cannon. Sokidan: energy ball easy to control shot from one`s hand. Devised by Yamcha. Spopovich: challenger for the 25th Tenkaichi tournament. He`s under Babidi`s control. He must find the energy required to reawaken Majin Buu. Suguru: he`s the ruler of the game dimension. Suiken: seems like one`s drunk. He totter near the opponent and attacks him when he doesn`t expect it. Used by Muten Roshi and Old Son Gohan. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: Gotenks` attack. He launches several ghost clones of himself that destroy themselves upon contact with another person or each other. Super Saiyan: A highly powerful form of Saiyan. For any detail about these forms see the section: Saiyan: Levels. Super Saiya-jin: Super Saiyan in Japanese (from here comes the contraction SSJ). See "Super Saiyan" and "Jin". T Taiyoken: see "Shintsuru Senryu Taiyo Ken". Tenkubekejiken: Namu`s techinque. It is performed by putting one`s forearms into an X formation and diving onto an opponent. Ten Shin Han:Tsuru-sennin`s pupil and Jiaozi`s best friend. Time Stop: Guldo`s technique to control time, while he can keep moving and attacking. It cannot be used for a very long time. Trunks: Vegeta and Bulma`s first-born son. Tsuihidan: spritual technique used by Piccolo during the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament that follows the opponent. Similar to Kuririn`s Double Tsuihikidan. U Ub: good reincarnation of Kid Buu. Udebunrikogeki: Majin Buu` technique. It`s performed by taking apart a piece of his body that he control to attack his enemy. V Valese: Goten`s girlfriend. Videl: Mr. Satan`s daughter. She marries Gohan and has a daughter, Pan. Vegeta: Prince of All Saiyans, son of King Vegeta and Bulma`s husband. Vegeth: Potara fusion between Vegeta and Goku. Y Yakon: see Maju Yakon. Yamu: one of the 25th Tenkaichi tournament challenger. He was under Babidi control who ordered him to find the energy required to reawaken Majin Buu. Yoikominminken: technique of Jackie Chun (Muten) during the 21st Tenkaichi tournament to hypnotize his opponent with a strange voice and hand movements. Yokaieki: Saibaimen`s technique. They open their head from which a dangerous acid flows out. Yajirobe: samurai who lives with Karin. Yamcha: Goku`s friend and Bulma`s first boyfriend. Z Z-Sword: inside this sword is trapped the Old Kaiohshin. It was broken by Goku, Gohan and East Kaiohshin by mistake. Z-Warriors: Goku, Gohan, Kuririn, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Jiaozi, Vegeta, Future Trunks and Piccolo. Zanzoken: devised by Muten Roshi. This technique consists in dematerializing and quickly moving to another spot close by but leaving one`s silhouette for a short period of time in their original location. Goku even left 7/8 silhouettes. Used also by Kuririn, Ten Shin Han and almost all the Z warriors, but also from their enemies (Freeza, Cell, etc...). Zenkai Power: Saiyans` capability to increase their power when they recover from a mortal wound. Zounama: monster that can forecast earthquake thanks to the movements of his mustaches.

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